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Complicated form — Snake Bite — Leading to Amputation

Snakebite is an important cause of amputation and disability in rural communities throughout the tropics. However, the details of the causes, types and estimates of disability are lacking. This report describes 16 snakebite victims who had amputations, including two who had above-knee amputations. The patients presented with limb swelling (16), gangrene (15), ischaemia (4) and three had possible compartment syndrome. All the patients used ineffective time wasting remedies that were potentially harmful as first-aid. The median delay to hospital following bite was 2.5 days. In order to prevent disability, efforts should be made to: reduce delay before hospital presentation; improve the knowledge of first-aid; provide effective antivenoms; improve wound and clinical care in communities; and improve facilities.Case of Snake bite , its been about 39 days patient wound do not progress but turns to dry gangrene and healing and granulation delay even movement got restricted and sensation also loss. so patient was planned for amputation due to progressive symptoms . and case was prior treated in other 2-3 centers and was referred to this center where after 2-3 weeks regular close wound care also progression to wards detoriation of patient , patient other general condition also starts fall in improvement so case was amputated.

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